Do your customers get Christmas morning everyday?

I think that Christmas morning paints a great visual for how our customers should feel each and every single time they do business with us. For those readers who don’t celebrate Christmas or who have forgotten what its like to be a kid, let me paint a picture.

On December 24th you can’t wait to go to bed because you know that the next morning brings all your wishes of the last 364 days. But you can’t fall asleeep because all you can think of is which of those things you are going to get. You imagine walking down the stairs and turning the corner to see something big, wonderful and that exceeds anything you could have ever imagined. You also imagine all the accessories that adorn your gifts like stocking stuffers, candy, oranges – and all the other traditional things that come along with Christmas. When you finally do fall asleep the morning can’t come fast enough and sure enough, Santa delivered. All your expectations were exceded with a lot of flair.

That my readers is what I am talking about. Do you create a high level of contagious excitement around doing business with you? Do you have the fun flair for surround sound?

Who does this well? We all know that Apple is infamous for creating amazing product launches?  What about every day business not just product launches?

Customer Appreciation Month Gift

Pictured here is a Customer Appreciation Month gift from one B2b company co-branded with one of their clients as a gift to all the other clients. The purpose of the co-branding was to reduce costs, make it fun and not about the giving company, and make sure the recipient received it as a sincere thank you, and not a sales gimmick. This campaign cost less than $12 each, including the $10 gift card not pictured. Not a bad price to say thank you to people spending tens of thousands of dollars with you each year.

Having had campaigns like this for over 5 years now, this companies clientele looks forward with anticipation and excitement to Customer Appreciation Month. Doing business is fun and is exciting.

Of course – this company delivers the business results as well, otherwise fun and exciting wouldn’t happen because you would be having “fix-it” conversations instead of “Thank You” celebrations.

What about you? What can you do to create excitement and energy around your business?


About James Keddington

I have been a marketer for over 12 years. I enjoy snowboarding, playing water polo and cooking.
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