What is it that you really want to do?

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about one of their family members who is hating life at his new job. I was shocked. I spoke with his wife just over a month ago and she was telling me how it was his dream job and dream company.

Turns out this company is the leader in the field that he loves – but after putting in some time has realized its is not a culture fit at all. It must be ultra dissappointing and discouraging working for the best in your preferred field of interest and knowing you don’t belong there.

As we discussed it further I took on the idea that  what we want to do may not necessarily have anything to do with role or industry or company.

I propose that  some people want:

  • To put in time and just get a paycheck.
  • Add value to a company in any way possible.
  • Climb to the top and be the head honcho.
  • Be passionate about the purpose and mission of the company and play whatever role is asked of them.
  • Work in their job category regardless of company and industry.
  • Work in an industry regardless of the job or company.

There could be other reasons as well. But ultimately I think next time this person will do a better job interviewing for fit next time.

I submit that job seekers should do four things:

  • Interview for anything. You can never know a companies culture, opportunities, purposes etc by looking at a job description. You may find a dream job in a very drab description.
  • Ask question around the those things that give you immediate fulfillment.
  • Ask questions about those things that will satisfy you in the long run.
  • Ask situation questions about inter company interactions, how the handle difficult situations,  and how they have evolved in the last decade of two recessions.

Why shouldn’t you? After all – every organization looks at cultural fit when they choose to hire why should the interviewee  not be making the same assessment on their end?

In the end – if the fit isn’t right it works out poorly for everyone.


About James Keddington

I have been a marketer for over 12 years. I enjoy snowboarding, playing water polo and cooking.
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One Response to What is it that you really want to do?

  1. I have received a small number of personal inquiries about whether or not this blog was about them. The person whom I have written about I have only spoken to one time in my life and it consisted of 3-5 words. So if that is you – maybe it is.

    However – these inquiries reminded me of a recent Deloitte Survey that stated most people do not trust their boss and intend to leave once the economy gets better. So perhaps this blog could be about any of us and likely describes most of us.

    One of the worst career mistakes I have ever made is letting those justified and normal feelings of angst and hurt pass through into my work performance. Leave on a high note so when you finally do leave makes them all say, ” We were idiots not treat that person like royalty, we really need them now.”

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