The Networking Meeting

I recently attended a Chamber of Commerce networking event. The was nothing amazingly different about this networking group than the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands across the globe. But not having attended something like this in over 6 years I was awestruck by the diversity of quality of the 30-second elevator pitches. A little disclaimer – mine was significantly short of being anything good. My excuse is that I went last minute and had less than an hour to prepare (even though I knew about it for over a week).

Some elevator pitches as they are called were simple and to the point, “My name is Joe Schmoe and I sell homes. What distinguishes me apart from my competitors is that I am nice and pay attention to detail.”

Nothing to fantastic, memorable, or believable there.

On the other hand others also in industies with little differentian between competitors had some very creative and memorable spills, all at the end of the 30-seconds. One lady who represented a hotel sang for the last 10 seconds. Talk about guts and enthusiasm. While I never would recommend it, I loved it and it worked.

Then there was the home remodeler whose tag line at the end was, “From floor to ceiling, we do the healing.” Very catching, creative and the retention on that is high.

Walking away from this I had two take-aways. A good impression can happen in 5 -10 seconds, not 30.. and if you get 30 – why are you wasting the first 20 of it?

the challenge I am giving myself is to me to come up with something creative, powerful, and memorable that will take up the entire 30 seconds and not waste a second. Note that I will not be singing it, if you want to know why, call my boss. She can tell you (thats a story for another blog posting.)

How does your elevator pitch go? Does it work? Why do you think some people get lazy with them?


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I have been a marketer for over 12 years. I enjoy snowboarding, playing water polo and cooking.
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