What’s so wrong with the basics?

Last week a friend and I were discussing how technical and segmented marketing has become over the last decade. Organizations these days are required to have SEO experts, bloggers, blog responders, social media guru’s, app developers, killer email specialists…the list goes on and on. What is even more amazing is that these specialities are relatively new. Many of these specialities require either techical programming backgrounds and some of them even require english majors – but none of them require a marketing background.

In the hustle to advance marketing – the new skill sets are forging forward without fundamental skills in marketing. When I say fundamental I mean more basic the the 5, 6, or 83 P’s.

If you are a marketer or person responsible for delivering new leads and business here are a few questions to keep you grounded in the fundamentals.

  1. Where are my customers? This question helps you determine what social media, what SEO keywords, what blogs to participate on, what traditional adverstising media to use etc.
  2. Where do they go when they get serious about buying? This question allows you to adequately determine what sales tools to use, how to incentivise referrals, and what to expect in the sales process.
  3. What do my customers need to hear, feel, and know to make a good buying decision. These questions help you determine the what and how for the previous questions.
  4. Why do they stay? Most people end at the sale. But good marketing also focuses on current clients. This questions helps you determine how to make and keep loyal customers.

About James Keddington

I have been a marketer for over 12 years. I enjoy snowboarding, playing water polo and cooking.
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